Mac USB Drive Recovery Tool

Best Tool to Recover USB Drive

As USB drive is very portable and convenient device to store as well as to transfer data from one computer to another, it becomes very popular among most of the computer users. Today, data loss from USB drive has become very common. In some drastic situations, you may lose your important information from USB drive even after careful handling. If you have ever come across such situation, no need to panic, as there are so many applications available to help you to regain your priceless data within a moment. But, USB recovery using an efficient tool must be preferable to us. This application is specially developed to perform USB drive restoration in all circumstances. It scans complete drive carefully and revives all information in their original format & size. You can employ this software to perform USB drive data recovery which has been lost or deleted due to formatting, corruption of USB drive, USB drive inaccessibility etc.

The most common situation of data loss from USB drive is formatting. When you connect USB drive for the first time, you may get some pop up message like “Drive not formatted, do you format it now?” If you choose format option, undoubtedly you will lose all files & folders within a fraction of time. Apart from that, you may also format the USB drive accidentally attempting to format some other volume on your Mac system. In both cases, no data will be stored in Trash folder after formatting. Like Trash file recovery on Mac, if you need to restore USB drive after formatting, you can employ this restoration application to revive your USB drive in some simple steps.

Sometimes, USB drive gets damaged due to its improper handling. If you abruptly remove USB drive from computer, when system is accessing any information from it, there is more possibility of USB disk corruption. Abrupt removal of flash drive during file transfer is another common mistake of user. Due to the unpleasant operation, USB drive may get damaged which results to severe data loss. Then only option to get back all information from USB drive is utilization of Mac Trash Recovery software. Besides drive recovery, it is also helpful to restore files deleted from Mac computer. Even if you empty Trash on your system, it can easily bring back all data from emptied Trash.

You may easily lose all your information due to corruption of USB drive. Many times flash drive is corrupted due to errors with the file system. Due to infection of dangerous viruses, file system of the drive may also get corrupted. After corruption of drive, flash drive becomes inaccessible. You can revive all data from that drive using this effective tool. This application applicable in various brands of USB drives on Mac computers. Excluding USB drive recovery, Mac Trash Recovery tool is capable to revive deleted data on computer. This tool has an inbuilt algorithm to restore all types of data deleted from Trash on Mac. If you need any help to retrieve deleted pictures from Trash, use this link:

Note: In addition, you can employ this award winning software to get back data including pictures, audio, video, documents, etc from MacBook Air Trash Bin emptied due to sudden emptying of MacBook Air Trash, using "Command + Shift + Delete" option, etc. To know more detailed information, simply click here

Easy steps of USB drive recovery on Mac:

Step 1: Download and launch USB recovery tool and select "Recover Volumes/Drives" option from home screen as shown in Fig 1. Then, select "Formatted / Re-formatted Recovery" option in the next window.

USB Recovery - Home Screen

Fig 1: Home Screen

Step 2: After that, you have to select the USB drive from where you need to restore data and then click on "Next" to start recovery process.

USB Recovery - Select USB drive

Fig 2: Select USB drive

Step 3: After completion of recovery, all recovered files will be shown as Fig 3. Here you can 'Preview' restored data before save.

USB Recovery - Restored Files

Fig 3: Restored Files

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